ÅterSkapa – a creative re-use and “upcycling” arts- and education center.

In Swedish, ”återskapa” means ”recreate”.

återSKAPA is based around our unique materials bank – a collection of cast-offs and other pre-consumer waste materials collected from local manufacturers. What would normally be discarded as waste is given new purpose as hands-on learning material and crafts projects.

By its very nature, repurposing these items becomes fuel for the imagination. We purposely select items with unique shapes, textures, and materials – items like rubber dots left over from O-ring production, long tubes of sock material, rolls of fluorescent papers used in making price tags, or perforated aluminum sheets used in filtration systems. Since these materials no longer have a prescribed use, they provide more opportunities in exploration and learning. Also, these materials tend to be gender-neutral and are to be used by all.

Each month, we schedule a ”Drop-in Art” workshop aimed at children and adults, learners and teachers, individuals and companies. ”Drop-in Art” is free for all creative makers to meet, socialize, and create. We also have tailored workshops that address more specific needs of groups. For instance, we work with teachers and create workshops that reinforce the lessons being taught, regardless of subject.

We seek to create experiences that are cherished, discussed, and revisited by children even after the workshop has ended.

Our main goal at återSKAPA is to unify schools, manufactures, and environmentalists by developing a sustainable reuse system that fosters creativity in education.